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All downloads are free (unless you are on a print only deal). Please feel free to share these, and if appropriate do feel free to use the social media links above to credit me - I love seeing my shots pop up on my social media feeds.

To download high-resolution images please follow the instructions below:

Click the arrow down symbol in the bottom right hand corner of each image next to the trolley icon.

To download the whole album:

Click on the arrow down symbol next to the BUY PHOTOS button in the top right of the gallery (only from a mac/PC not from a tablet/phone.

If you want low resolution images for social media please do the following:

PC: Right click the image displayed and choose Save As and find your preferred location to save the image.

Mac: Just drag and drop the image onto your desktop.

Smartphone: tap the image and save it to your camera roll.

Buy Prints: Click the buy photos button at the top right of the gallery, or the trolley button on individual images.

Do get in contact if you have any issues accessing the images or want to know more!